The Boy Scouts of America provides a series of surmountable obstacles and steps in overcoming them through the advancement method. A Scout plans their advancement and progresses at their own pace as they meet each challenge. The  Scout is rewarded for each achievement, which helps them gain self-confidence. The steps in the advancement system help a Scout grow in self-reliance and in the ability to help others.

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The role of the leader is to ensure that each activity required for advancement is recorded in the Scout’s record. The primary method used to do this is Scoutbook. One of your unit’s Key 3 members, Key 3 Delegate, or Unit Advancement Chair, (these user roles are set in my.Scouting) should login and setup permissions in Scoutbook for the unit. The Unit Advancement Chair is defined in my.Scouting by one of the unit Key 3 members using the Security Manager Tool. The term “Key 3” is a Boy Scouts of America term, not a Scoutbook term.

Key 3 refers to the team of the Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor or Ship Skipper), the unit Committee Chairman, and the unit’s Chartered Organization Representative.

If you have a my.Scouting account, you can login to with your my.Scouting credentials. If the my.Scouting account is connected to a BSA Member ID, it will be matched with the appropriate Scoutbook unit and access is automatically provided to that unit.

In this advancement section you will find many useful links to references which will help you do that. Please keep in mind that only official BSA National Council or Old North State Council forms may be submitted for any advancement approval. Also, always check that you have the most recent printing of the documents you are going to summit.

If you have a question about an advancement issue, you should begin with your Unit Advancement Chair. The next step would be your District Advancement Chair. If you still need clarification then you can contact the Old North State Council Advancement Staff Adviser, Jonathan Clapp at

Guide to Advancement

BSA’s Guide to Advancement
Mechanics of Advancement in Cub Scouting
Mechanics of Advancement in Scouts BSA
Mechanics of Advancement in Venturing
Mechanics of Advancement in Sea Scouts

Scouts BSA Program
Eagle Scout Advancement

A Life Scout who desires to attain the rank of Eagle Scout should begin the process as soon as possible. The information below lists all the steps that will be required, as well as additional resources after earning the rank of Eagle Scout. Please do not hesitate to ask for help at any step of the way from the troop Eagle mentor or district and council-advancement contacts.


  1. Check Eagle Scout Rank Requirements*
    *Scouts BSA with disabilities may qualify for the Eagle Scout rank by fulfilling alternative requirements as determined by their council.

2. Begin collecting information needed for the Eagle Scout Rank Application.


3. Plan the Eagle Service project proposal. A project proposal must be submitted to the project board for project review.

Make sure that you are using the most current Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. The following information will be needed to fully complete the contact information page:

Council Name: Old North State Council
Phone: 336-378-9166
Address: 1405 Westover Terrace, Greensboro 27408

4. Need ideas? Ask a representative of the chartering organization if there are prospective projects that would benefit that organization. Also ask school principals and heads of other not-for-profit businesses.

Eagle Coach Guide

Projects must be submitted to and approved by the troop, project beneficiary AND the District Eagle Board before any work can begin. 

5. Major considerations as you plan:

  • Does your project provide sufficient opportunity for you to show that planning, development and leadership will take place and it will benefit a religious institution, a school or your community?
  • Is the project realistic for you to complete?
  • Are safety issues addressed?
  • Have you included a list of key steps you will take to make sure your plan has enough details to be carried out successfully?

6. Proposal Ready for Approval?
Ensure completion of the Proposal Section of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook especially:

  • Contact information page
  • Project write-up with pictures
  • Approval page with ALL THREE signatures

Fundraising for Eagle Projects

The Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application (last 2 pages of the “Project Plan” section) should be used ONLY if the Scout is taking contributions from anyone other than their parents or relatives, the troop or its chartered organization (ex. church congregation), parents or members of the troop, or the project’s beneficiary.

For example – If something is to be sold to raise money for a project or a Scout will appeal to the public for donations (i.e. car wash, pancake supper) an application must be submitted.  Raffles or other games of chance are not permitted.  Applications are to be turned in to the Old North State Council office for approval.

Important information regarding online fundraising for Eagle Projects

Due to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) policies, neither individual Scouts nor Scouts BSA are permitted to conduct fundraisers on Social Media through Network for Good/Facebook, Go Fund Me, or any other method where funds come directly to the Old North State Council office.

Our state and federally recognized not-for-profit, 501© 3 business status requires that we recognize all donors and account of all such donations to the Old North State Council. As such, we are prohibited from sending those donated funds to an individual Scout or Troop. In other words, we cannot “funnel” donations through the Old North State Council, BSA office to any Eagle Scout candidate.

Remember, when raising money for an Eagle Project, a fundraising application (found in the Eagle Scout project workbook) must be completed and submitted to the Old North State Council, BSA office for approval.

Now, Ready to Submit Your Project Proposal?

7. Proposal must be submitted to the project board for project review.

Proposals for troops in Akela and Guilford Districts can only be submitted to the Scout Office. Proposals for Alamance, Cherokee and Uwharrie Districts may be turned in at the Scout Office or the site listed in the links below. For district-specific submission procedures, click on your district’s link below.

Final Eagle Board of Review Checklist

8. Once the project and all other Eagle rank requirements are complete, the final Eagle Board of review may be scheduled. See what to expect in all district in the next section. For district-specific Eagle Board of Review procedures, click on your district’s link above.

Be sure the following are complete:

  • Completed Eagle Scout Rank Application with an attachment for requirement 7
  • Two letters of recommendation included in your notebook (Can use two of the references listed on your application excluding family and Scout leaders)
  • ALL THREE sections of the workbook (Proposal, Plan, and Report)
  • Photos of the project showing before, during, and after project completion
  • Candidate’s signature and all required signatures for completing the project

Eagle Board Information Common to All Districts

9. In addition to the the procedures specific to your district, here is what you can expect at your final Eagle Board of review:

The candidate should appear in full Scout Uniform and be sure to include their merit badge sash to which should be attached all merit badges that they have earned for the rank of Eagle.


10. Your path to Eagle Scout is complete. Your Scoutmaster will notify you when they have received your recognition items from the BSA National Office. This process can take 6 to 8 weeks to process. Those items will include a card, a certificate and a pendant medal. You may see the next section on other recognition that may be requested. You may begin to plan your Eagle Court of Honor.

Miscellaneous Eagle Forms:


Scout of the Year Scholarship – March 1 deadline, each year

Adams’s National Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award

(Guilford Eagle Scouts only) Marine Corps League Academic Scholarships – The Greater Greensboro Detachment 260 awards scholarships each year. To apply, a Scout must obtain the Eagle Award, be a senior in High School and be presented the Good Citizenship Award by the detachment.  For more information, visit the Detachment’s Web site:

Where to find Scholarship money for Eagle Scouts

Other Resources:

National Eagle Scout Association Web site

Request a copy of a previously awarded Eagle Certificate

Court of Eagles at Cherokee Scout Reservation

If you are an Eagle Scout, or you would like to honor an Eagle Scout, you may be interested in participating in the Court of Eagles that has been built at Cherokee Scout Reservation.