Old North State, North Carolina
Old North State, North Carolina

Planning the unit trip to one of our camps?
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The Key to Successful Control of Infectious Diseases

PRE-CAMP MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE: Scouting occurs in groups and often in remote areas. Neither setting is appropriate for a person with a potentially communicable disease. Use of a pre-camp/pre-event medical questionnaire by all unit leaders is strongly recommended before any participant leaves the unit’s home base. The local council version is posted for download here: ONSC Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist, v4.22. Riding in a car or bus with an individual who has certain infections (for example, norovirus) may be risky. If a participant is immunocompromised or has not received all of the recommended vaccines, it is recommended that they stay away from anyone who is ill.

*Medical Screening ref: doc 680-103(18)

Making The Reservation for Camps

This self-paced tutorial provides an overview of steps to review the calendar and reserve facilities for a unit event.

Reservations with the BlackPug Portal

Year Round Option: CSR FUN DAY

Cherokee Scout Reservation FUN DAY
On select Saturdays during the year-round seasons, CSR will host an event where Scouts can earn merit badges, work on advancement or just have a fun time. <get more info>

Cherokee Fun Day