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ONS Communication Hub

HUB replaces E-Blast – Try It!

Weekly E-Blasts have been replaced by our communications “ONS-Hub.”
All our Scout families can stay connected on the news they choose for our council.
Text “ONSC” to 55741 to join.
Or click here to register via a web browser.

Options; When you get to the HUB!

1. REGISTER: You can do this from the home page or select the button above to jump there. It is super quick and easy! Registering allows you to fully utilize the HUB, connect with others and see all the content available to you!

2. JOIN CHANNELS: You can access channels at any time from the menu (the button on the top left corner that looks like a hamburger or stack of pancakes!…Oh man, now I’m hungry!) Take some time to browse around and explore what is relevant to you. Joining channels allows you to receive/manage notifications and automatically puts new posts from those channels on your homepage feed.

3. EDIT PROFILE: You must be registered and logged in to do this. You can access your profile at any time from the left side navigation menu. Take some time to personalize your profile! 

4. NOTIFICATIONS: On this page you have complete control over your notifications. You can choose when you receive the newsletter email.  Selecting the bell next to the channels listed (only the channels you are joined to) will mute or un-mute the channel and the 3 dots always show more specific options. Remember, you can come back and change these at any time!