Recruiting Ideas

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We all want as many young people as possible to experience the many benefits of the Scouting program. What is the best way to attract more Scouts? To ask!!!
Many families do not know anything about Scouting and it may take several marketing “touches” to get them to sign up.
That means we should use every option to get our message out.
Classroom talks are the time-proven method to motivate elementary age youth to get their parents to bring them to a Cub Scout sign-up.
That option is not always available.

Other ways include:
BSA’s Recruitment Center – Includes links to the BSA Brand Center. Make you own social media message!

Old North State’s You Tube Video – It is tagged at the end with and an email address for further information.

Need an explanation of Cub Scouts in Spanish? Try this

Buddy Cards are a great way for Scouts to recruit their peers. See your District Executive or stop by the Customer Service desk at the Scout office to pick up a few. Ask your Scouts to invite their really special friends. Other themes are available: Hooked on Scouting for both boys or girls and Scouts BSA

S.A.F.E Hover Archer game set is available for use at events in the community or at your charter partner. There are two sets available on a first-come basis. Priority will be given to larger events. Contact your District Executive to reserve one.
View a 3 minute set-up tutorial here (scroll down to bottom).

Easy-Up Popup Tent – 10 ft x 10 ft canopy tent with a logo. Available to use at unit recruiting events in the community. Contact your District Executive to reserve one.

Already have families recruited? What information do you give them at your first meeting? Here is a really good fillable flyer to use.