2021 Popcorn Sale

  1. Register your unit with Trail’s End (even if you have been involved before).
    Registering now, even if your unit does not do Show and Sell, helps us to know your plans and assist you with the entire sale.
  2. Place your Show and Sell order no later than Sunday August 29 at 10:00 pm. (You can make adjustments on Monday but will have to contact gary.stasco@scouting.org)
  3. If you want to sell at the Friendly Center in Sep or Oct, sign your unit up here. As of Sep 10, all remaining dates and locations are available to any unit regardless of the number of previous reservations.
    Click to see a map of the stores at The Friendly Center (Poblano’s, Toys & Co, Friendly Pets) and the Shops at Friendly (Near Zoe’s, Swoozie’s, Central Gathering Area)
  4. The Kernel’s Leader Guide can be viewed here for all your planning tips, “how to’s” and prize info.
  5. 2021 ONS Council Popcorn Kick-off Presentation
  6. 2021 Key Popcorn Dates
  7. 2021 Popcorn Pick up Sites
  8. 2021 Show and Sell Pick Up Site Map
  9. 2021 Popcorn Sale Unit Commission
  10. 2021 Popcorn Sale Local Prize Incentives
  11. 2021 Number of Popcorn Patches earned by Unit