2022 Popcorn Sale

“Ideal Year of Scouting”

  1. *** HOT UPDATE***
    1. Show-n-Sell Pickup information

Show-n-sell Pickup information

Warehouse: 206 Bruce St, Greensboro NC

Friday 9/16: 5-8pm help sort and pick up

Saturday 9/17: 8am – 10am Pick up only

  1. Storefront information
      1. Food Lion Site reservation is open in your Trails-End system under storefront.
      2. Friendly Center registration is open at the below link
        1. https://scoutingevent.com/070-popcornfriendlycenter
  2. Register your unit with Trail’s End for this year’s Popcorn Sale (even if you have been involved before).
    Registering now, even if your unit does not do Show and Sell, helps us know your plans and assist you with the entire sale.
  3. Show-N-Sell Order information
    1. Show-N-Sell order #1 is due by 5pm September 1, 2022.
      1. Order #1 pickup will be on September 16 & 17, 2022. (206 Bruce St, Greensboro NC 27403)
      2. Sort & Pickup Schedule still being developed.
    2. Show-N-Sell order #2 is due by 5pm September 22, 2022.
      1. Order #2 pickup will be on October 8, 2022. Warehouse information still being confirmed.
    3. You may place an order on either date. We have created multiple dates in case your unit was unable to meet the time schedule for Order #1.
  4. ONSC scheduled Show-N-Sell sites.
    1. Currently we are negotiating with Shops at Friendly Center in Greensboro and Alamance Crossing in Burlington for site locations. As soon as the negotiations have concluded, we will send an update to all participating units.
  5. Additional Product after Show-N-Sell Order!!
    1. There will be additional product available at the Scout Service center between order dates. Please ensure to contact jason.powers@scouting.org if you need more!
  6. The following documents and links are provided for your support. If you can’t find what you need, reach out to jason.powers@scouting.org for more help.
    1. 2022 ONS Council Popcorn Kick-off Presentation
    2. 2022 ONS Council Leader’s Guide
    3. 2022 Trail’s End Kernel’s Guide
    4. 2022 Ideal Year of Scouting Calculation Worksheet
    5. 2022 ONS Council Incentive Registration (Blackpug – Due by November 7, 2022)
    6. Door Hanger Template
    7. Trails-End Business Card (pdf full page)
    8. ONS Council Trail’s End Order Card (Take order Form)