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STEM Nova Awards Change

The STEM Nova Awards program is designed to bring awareness to STEM and provide recognition to Scouts who go beyond current advancement requirements to pursue a STEM topic.

Effective June 1, 2022, local councils will administer and deliver STEM Nova Awards, including recognition, at the local level. 

The STEM Nova Award website will remain on as a national resource for the requirements with all other aspects of the award moved to the local council. This includes recognition items such as the STEM Nova patch, pins, certificates, and plaques. When current National Supply inventory is significantly reduced and unable to meet the needs for these awards, councils will order recognition items through an approved licensed vendor that will be provided on the STEM Nova website.

Local councils will continue to approve Supernova Counselors and effective June 1, 2022, will approve any Dr. Albert Einstein Supernova Applications.

All activity & programming used in conjunction with the STEM Nova Awards program must be followed and implemented as designed by the BSA.